ONK Grasbaan Zijspannen Kampioenen

britmet schreef op donderdag 27 juli 2017 om 11:49 uur

Does someone have list of all Dutch national grasstrack sidecar champions, please.
(I know William Matthijsen has 17 from 2001, but who were champions before him ?)


akkertje schreef op donderdag 27 juli 2017 om 19:06 uur

Hello Britmet
What is your e-mail adres. I have da list from de Dutch grass track champions from the sidecars. from 1962 until 2017. I can then send the list to you
Greeting Tjerk Ploeg

britmet schreef op donderdag 3 augustus 2017 om 19:38 uur

Great news,
My address is cjewes17@gmail.com
I shall be very grateful, and add this national title to the Sidecar Champions page.